This was a buoys race held inside the Sea of Abaco between Green Turtle and Treasure Cay. There were about an additional 20 boats entered now and the class splits were a little better but we still had to race against the J160 and now also a B-32 whose phrf is something like 63. We sailed well and sailed fast but lost it to Stray cats by 10 sec at the finish and corrected to 4th behind the B-32 and the J160. We would have had a third if we had filed the protest against the Cats that we should have for tapping us after a mark rounding but the RC had made it clear that this was a party regatta and they wanted to hear No Protests filed! There was even a filing fee of $50 that is refundable if you win. So we let it go. (I still feel we would have beat them if they also had not taken us up above proper course as we were trying to set our spinnaker, as they saw that we were set up for the asymmetrical chute and they have none. It put us in a poor position to use that one and since we only have one spin halyard, a change would have been too costly.)

And so once again it was party time and dance time and many more Tipsy Turtles were consumed! Karen and I were very happy to catch a ride on a pretty Hunter 31 for the trip over to Great Guana the next day and our skipper said she didn't mind a bit as long as we were there to race with her the next day! (Thank you Barbara! The hunter has a head and the trip is about 12 miles or so. Up Wind all the way of course!

We got there in plenty of time to stop at a reef and do a bit of snorkeling. Nice day!

Karen and I went on a mission upon arrival to find the house we had rented for the next 2 days and were told the owner was up at a party at a new bar called Nippers. So we caught a golf cart ride and Vince was pointed out to us. He took us back to get our gear and then to the house at which time I was extremely pleasantly surprised! It was absolutely LOVELY and turns out he had built the entire thing by hand including all cabinetry and the craftsmanship was just amazing. Every door, every cabinet was perfectly fitted and workmanship was solid and tastefully done. Vince said there was air conditioning available if we needed it but that we would have to pay extra since electric there is very expensive. We soon realized that with the shape of the house and huge open screened windows and doors we had no need for it! The breeze was great and there were at least 6 ceiling fans.

So on then to find the rest of the Riskys and get them moved in and showered and of course on up to the skippers meeting and pre race party! Turns out our house was conveniently located halfway between the two bars on the island and both had live bands and parties each nit. Even huge Bonfires and great food. So we had to make these tough decisions about which way to walk first! And then we could either take the beach route or the road. It was so stressful! :)

Race #2 (RTIA series)