Race #2 (RTIA)

This was another buoys race (standard Olympic triangle except with a downwind finish). We were brilliant, as Steve had come aboard and had owned a Hobie33 himself and knew the boat very well! We sailed fast and clean with no errors and were again over 5 min ahead of Stray Cats, but had to take a second to the B-32 by about 1 1/2 min.

I did have one really exciting moment in the race when we came around the weather mark for the last run and suddenly a large old cruising boat from the other class rounded behind us and put his bow right into our cockpit with his big plow anchor mounted on the bowsprit! It actually hooked through the reef line we had tied for the leech of the main in case we got a nasty blow! We were very lucky to get it off and away with no damage and no one hurt, but when you are on a light little boat and you see that on top of you it sure is scary! He could have taken our whole rig down!

So once more we had to party and this time the drink of the day was the Guana Grabber...

Guana Grabber = Rum, Rum, some combination of fruit juices and more Rum!

That night I saw the most amazing example of limbo skill I had ever seen! This guy, about 19 years old I would guess.....when the pole will get no lower on the regular stands.....takes two Kalick Bottles (the favorite Bahamian Beer) sets the limbo pole on them... (its wrapped like a torch).....pours lighter fluid on it and sets it aflame! And then proceeds to LIMBO UNDER IT!!!

Well parting is always the hard part but it was now Sunday morning and time to get home. Had to get up and pack and make the 8:30 am water taxi across to Marsh Harbor to get to the airport. Well, our flight wasn't until 3pm but the only other water taxi wasn't till 3pm so we had no choice. Karen and I went across and had a nice breakfast with Bloody Marys. Were lucky to find one of our replacement crew so we bought him one too and filled him with info about how well we did and how he can't let us down and has to keep wining! We really aren't too worried since he was part of the crew that raced the boat very successfully with the prior owner (who also may fly over for a race or 2)!

I got very lucky with my flight home. I had arrived at the airport about 20 min early and there was still one seat on the plane that was just about to leave. So I got on that one. The flight I was supposed to be on at 3pm (With Jeanne and Larry) never left there till 5pm! They were stuck at that little non air-conditioned Bahamian airport for an extra 2 hours! I was home 20 min. Early!

Well, I hated coming home part way through a regatta but watching the path Hurricane Bertha is taking,, I really feel much better being here! And really, I need a vacation from my vacation so I can be in shape to go on vacation. As I am soon headed to Annapolis to race another Regatta!

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